The Brusa Foundation 

Purpose of the Brusa Foundation Ltd

The Brusa Foundation Ltd has the aim of giving the opportunity to those composers who find it hard to make their music known because of their outcasted artistic styles. The motto to all the musical criteria of the Foundation is “Emotions in Artistic Beauty”.


Elisabetta Brusa, Chairman, Composer, previous Professor of Composition at the Conservatorio of Milano, Milano/London

William Dutton, Conductor, Violinist, Violin Teacher, Harrogate

Filippo Ferruggiara, Composer, Conductor, Composition Teacher, London

Teodora Masi, Associate Director, Artist Management, HarrisonParrott Ltd., London  

Gilberto Serembe, Conductor, Founder and Teacher of the Italian Conducting Academy, Milano


Daniele Rustioni, Conductor

An Ambassador is someone who is a high-profile Musician and represents our thoughts though not working actively in the Brusa Foundation Ltd.


Michele Price, Solicitor at Gunnercooke LLP

A Consul is someone who is a high-profile representative of other Arts or Sciences, who is not working actively in the Brusa Foundation Ltd, who believes in our work and tries to help spread our thoughts to other branches of life.

The Brusa Foundation Ltd is a not for profit company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 14438394